A word from our Quality Assurance Head - Dog Line

فبراير 02, 2021 1 min read

A word from our Quality Assurance Head - Dog Line

We are so thrilled to bring you this collection for your furry friends. Listen to what my lovely dog, Zizou’s has to say about this collection.

Hi, I am Zizou, when I started off as puppy, mommy got me lots of toys for dog exercise. As I was growing, Daddy realized I needed some dogs exercise equipment for my Agility & Training and handpicked Dog IQ toys to keep me busy and improve my brain power. Woof! Don’t forget to check out these categories, they are my favorite and helped me become the smartest dog in the neighborhood. There is selection of handpicked pet accessories, and Dog Fashion that I personally love too.

For those of my friends who get a little bit lost sometimes in the neighborhood, I feel ya, for you we have some dog trackers as well.

I am happy with the lifestyle I have been provided and trust me I am leading the best dog life”








- Zizou, Quality Assurance Head, Dog Line

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