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Hover8Store - We make happy memories

Hey there,

Welcome to Hover8Store. I'm Farin Zeeba, you can call me Zeeba. After working for a decade with many Multi-national companies, I have gathered some experience to start something that comes from my heart that can help make happy memories.

The idea of starting this was hovering for many years and eventually I decided to embark on my own journey. Hover8store is a Dubai based startup. Dubai has allowed me and many SME's to start their dreams. So here i go.

As the founder, I pride on providing handpicked exclusive products. As we have plenty of platforms around the world that provide everything, I always believe that providing a specialty niche is critical. Thats why I created Hover8Store, to focus on niches. 

I handpicked the best products that I could find amongst various suppliers. Suppliers, who are carefully picked to be reliable and who have the most exciting and unique products. 

I believe in building an environment around me that can excel as well and giving back to the community. So if you are a startup or SME with unique products, I would be thrilled to hear from you. Just email us, store@hover8.com and we will definitely get back to you. 

Hover8 L.L.C. is a family business that was conceptualized on a simple idea to make happy memories. To stay above ground level and to have a clear view of whats happening around the world. As the world is full of infinite possibilities, I believe in hovering high above, looking out for the best products and eventually providing you with the best. So you can simply focus on what you do best! As a mother of two and a pet owner, I would know that!

Why the number 8? Quite simply because, the number eight also reflects the infinity symbol. :)

I hope that you will enjoy shopping here as much as I enjoyed picking the best of the lot for you from around the world.

Hover8Store is part of Hover8 L.L.C.

Quote from the Founder & CEO

"Amongst the infinite possibilities and products, lies the ones that provides one with the utmost happiness and satisfaction. At Hover8Store, we believe in providing an experience through which you can pick the best of the lot in one simple click." 

- Farin Zeeba,

Mother of two, Wife & Founder & CEO of Hover8Store