Shipping policy

Most of our products will arrive early. For actual Shipping times per category, see below.

Pet Accessories & Trendy fashionable shoes

Most orders will be dispatched from our suppliers within 2-3 business days. As we handpick our suppliers from various parts of the world due to its exclusivity and due to the physical location of our suppliers, actual shipping times may vary. Average shipment arrival times may take between 8-10 business days. Where possible, we are constantly working harder to expedite your delivery! We know you can't wait for your products and so can't we!

Branded niche perfumes

Average shipment arrival times may take between 2-5 business days. You might get it earlier as well in some cases depending on your location.

Custom wear and Trendy Hover8 Collection

Most of the custom wear such as T-shirts, hoodies, caps may arrive within 3-5 business days.

For Hover8 Sports bra, Hover8 tights and our Snatched line of joggers and track suits, as this is a custom product, these orders are actually designed after an order is made to ensure its done right to the highest quality. Taking into account the global pandemic, actual shipping times may vary. Average shipment arrival times may take between 10-15 business days as these are shipped from International suppliers. Ofcourse, you may get them early as well!

At Hover8Store, we are constantly working with the suppliers to improve our shipping times round the clock.