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February 08, 2022 2 min read


We always wanted to have a collection where we can focus on exclusivity. With this idea we came up with the concept to add within our collections’, a dedicated line for luxury branded perfumes. We shortlisted these brands based on their royal, luxurious and unique fragrances. We want to showcase these original  perfumes through our Hover8store.

We then began to categorize our fragrances based on Men’s fragrances, Women’s Fragrances and Unisex.

For Men we looked for brands where most of the key notes would be Amber and Musk. Amber and Musky fragrances would bring out strong masculinity and needless to say this would definitely be any Man’s go-to perfume for special occasions as this would provide a long lasting fragrance. After all, who wouldn’t want to stand out in the crowd. But this list wouldn’t have been complete without having the best seller British perfume house, Penhaligons. The uniqueness of this brand speaks a lot about luxury and splendor and will make any Man feel unique, confident and elegant. And last but not the least the French fragrance, Straight to Heaven by Kilian is just what was needed to add that woody and spicy fragrance to our niche collection which is pure ecstasy and will take over your senses. Would you now agree, that these fragrances are indeed all about luxury?

Women fragrances had to be addictive floral with a combination of sweet and spicy notes. And since we are talking about niche perfumes, unique notes such as Mexican chocolate, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood was some of the key notes in our collection of niche fragrances. Not to forget notes with floral-oriental creation are any women’s absolute favorite. We all know women love precious jewels and if you have a fragrance that symbolizes jewels then it had to be the niche luxury British fragrance brand, Sparkling Opal by Thameen. If you can’t buy an Opal you can at least wear one for their longevity and it won’t cost you an arm or leg  Are you thinking if Ylang-Ylang, Turkish Rose, Cypress, Neroli and Green notes made it to our niche collection? Yes, they did, it would not have been complete without these exotic notes.

But is everything pretty and pink, a pure feminine fragrance is all about being sensual and evoking strength and vibrancy. All our women fragrances are unique in their own accord and the scents has a timeless quality reflecting a true luxurious collection. A lot to speak on my favorite unisex perfumes but I would save that for my next blog.

We hope you will enjoy our collection of the top luxury perfumes in the world as much as we enjoyed picking them.

And before I end the blog these niche perfumes have been handpicked through trusted licensed suppliers who have a long history of trust and reliability. Needless to say, you are in safe hands.

Take care! 

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