Our Story

We make happy memories

My company is in the business of making happy memories. During the last 12 months the world has seen a significant change. Businesses had to adapt, employees went through cut-backs and consumers had to shift their mindset in the way they purchase products. It was no different for me as well. I had to find different ways to pursue happiness.

 I had for long wanted to start a business that can serve people. Physical shopping was almost impossible due to the pandemic and therefore opening a physical store wasn’t the perfect medium. Being an IT person myself for 13 years, It was a no brainer for me to open an online platform. For long I have been a believer of going green as well. What perfect way of hitting those values by starting an online, green shopping platform that is not only safe during these different times, but also something that help make happy memories for my consumers through handpicked niche products.

I started with four niche categories. Firstly niche Perfumes, A fragrance is a connection between two or more individuals and the right connection helps make those happy memories. Then I focused on handpicked pet accessories. This was from my personal experience. During the lockdown, I got a puppy that changed my life. Spending time, playing with him and interacting with him with the collection of toys changed our relationship completely. I know it made thousands of happy memories for me and my puppy. The other categories are the fashionable summer/beach shoes and customizable line of fashion wear. This is so simple and yet brilliant. We put your name, memory or your tag line onto our apparel so you and your loved ones can wear it for any occasion. Again hoping to make some happy memories for them.

Being in Dubai and UAE is such a boon for all of us. His Highness wants this city to be the happiest in the world. We hope we can start contributing towards that in our own way.